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Wellbeing Wednesday

Welcome to my new blog and to the start of my wellbeing Wednesday channel. I hope that you will pop back regularly.

So my first #wellbeingwednesday post is some thoughts on a Healthy Start to 2021. The New Year is a great opportunity to start fresh and put yourself first and yes that includes you who are home schooling, you who are caring for elderly relatives, you who are full time carers to members of family, you who are juggling many jobs and you who are concerned about financial issues. I know it is hard, challenging but please remember you are no good to anyone if you do not put your health and happiness first. Rid yourself of that critical voice and that oh it doesn't matter about me voice. Rubbish ,It does matter about you , your health ( body , mind and spirit) matter. So what are you going to do for you?

Here are five thoughts that come to mind and no they are not revolutionary but it is the simple things that we forget and sometimes we need a little reminder on.

1. Create a Morning Ritual. Before the household awakes what can you do. Little changes make big differences for you and let's be honest to everyone around you. It might mean waking up 30 minutes before everyone but that 30 minutes could change the whole of your day. So much research on this now around taking a pause, meditation if you are willing to try it ( I personally swear by it) shifts everything. More productive, less reactive, stronger to cope with challenges that come up over the day. Simple but magic. Think about it if you feel calmer and stronger everyone else around you does.

2. Fit in what you enjoy . Whatever it is, it is good for you, whether that be for your body, heart, spirit perhaps all 3 so do it and if possible do more of it. We live in a society that allows us to enjoy these activities at a more convenient time for your household so take people up on the offer of those recorded links, add them to your daily planner like a meeting and fit in what you enjoy. So yes that does mean putting yourself first but a fit, happy and healthy mum/dad/ grandparent/ carer is a great role model for young people and young adults.

3. Move regularly throughout your day. Sitting in a fixed position looking at a screen is not good for anyone nor for your mental and physical health so take a regular pause throughout the day.

My hubby adds these pauses to his daily dairy as a reminder - just 10 minutes to stretch, log into my online yoga library and do a quick 15 minute move and stretch session more details here

change your view, top your water up ( stay hydrated) pop the radio on/music on, whatever gives you that pause and break ,even switch the screen off so when you go back and do some non screen work ( yes it is possible). Add at least one into your morning and one into your afternoon alongside at least 20 minutes for a healthy lunch. Longer if you can with a quick walk, cycle ideally in the fresh air . It really helps and you are actually more productive . Actually I am just coming up for a stretch ... see you in 10 mins..

4. Eat well and seasonally. It is too easy to reach to sweet and processed food to cheer ourselves up. I know as I have such a sweet tooth and so I do understand but I also know that it does nothing for the health of the self, mind , emotions and body. Most of the time when we reach for a snack we just need water. Try it and see. In the wintertime it is recommended that you include in your diet veggies like squashes, beets, carrots, potatoes, and sweet potatoes along with fermented foods and foods rich in fibre essential fatty acids, and proteins. If you feel like you need extra supplements speak to an expert first.

5. Unplug and Rest . Why do we think that if we stop and pause it is wrong. We are human beings and not human doings so stop doing and start being. Take a pause. Perfect opportunity to connect with your breath, an evening yoga session perhaps to leave the day behind or connect with a person, your loved ones , arrange that zoom date and catch up .

If you have a family with devices why not create a house rule that all devices are switched off at a specific time in the evening and that they are put away until the next day. Too much time particularly at the moment is spent doom scrolling and this is no good for the health of the individual or those around you. If you switch off before you go to bed it will help sleep. I will be writing another post on this

So my 5 thoughts and they are just mine which you can chose to ignore or implement I hope that you might choice the latter.


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