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Introduction to Thai Massage Therapy

Updated: Jan 17

Thai massage is a therapy that’s been practiced for over 2,000 years.  Another name for the massage is ancient healing  way. 

A woman receiving a Thai yoga massage therapy on her lower body
A client receiving a Thai Massage

It is a unique and powerful massage therapy, combining compression,  acupressure, gentle passive stretching and assisted yoga and bodywork.  Pressure is applied  to the entire length of the body and the therapist  feels for tight areas applying deep pressure to those areas in order to loosen and release tension. A  technique of palming with hands, feet and elbows apply pressure to the sen lines, energy lines The therapy and techniques employed can help increase the range of motion in joints and muscles.

Thai Yoga Massage therapy  can be varied to suit a wide range of physical needs. It is a therapy that complements any age, abilities and those involved in any level of exercise or activity. Informally the therapy can be known as lazy persons yoga as there is no effort on the clients part. In Thailand everyone, regardless of age and mobility will receive a massage. In western society everyone from being an athlete to a desk bound worker to an adult with limited mobility benefits from the stretching and movement.

What is involved in a massage?

 A massage treatment  is 90 minutes.  The Thai massage takes place with you fully clothed laying on a soft mattress which will be on the floor of the studio. At Yoga Garden Sanctuary the heated floor helps the body to relax and stay warm.  Traditionally oil is not used in thai massage  however many clients enjoy an applied  balm on the feet and hands as it  helps to  ground.

The massage begins with the feet  moving  up to the legs, hips, back and the upper body, from feet to head, neck and shoulders. The therapist will massage all  planes of the body  -  the  front, side and back body and traditionally the final part of the massage is received from a seated position.

How can you get the most out of a Thai massage therapy?

The key to the massage is for the receiver to let go, to surrender the holding  of the  body to the therapist.  This can take a little practice but the result can bring a great release and awakening of energy to the body. The more you let during the massage , the more  the therapist can release , destress, open space  and re- energise.. The massage focusses on being  deep and slow, everything takes place in an unhurried therapeutic  approach . 

What are the Benefits?

Thai massage is a fantastic therapy of releasing physical and mental tension from the body. Many clients comment that just after receiving one session they feel more relaxed and less anxious. And yes they keep coming back.


There are many benefits that clients feel

  • Restores and Re Energises

  • Brings balance back to the body and systems

  • Opens space in the body -  felt an increase in flexibility, suppleness and range of movement

  • Relieves tensions, stress, aches and anxiety

  • Helps to soothe headaches

  • Helps to soothe PMS

And some even say

  • All of the benefits of yoga without the effort.

Evidence based benefits mention:

  • Releasing toxins from the body which takes aches and pains from the body.

  • Improving focus and mental clarity.

  • Regular massage treatments can help improve sleep and insomnia

  • Regular massage treatments can help reduce anxiety and depression

How will you feel after a massage?

After a Thai massage clients have mentioned that they feel more relaxed and mentally focused and that the effects last for hours. If you are interested, inquisitive or would like to know more do get in touch. Massage appointments are available on a Wednesday afternoon, Friday morning and Sunday morning. You can find out more and book your appointment here

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