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Home Sanctuary  Collection



The Collection  has been chosen and curated to  provide the perfect therapeutic moment of   calm.  From laying in the bath to snuggling on the sofa the collection is a treat for your senses. Scents of rose,  geranium, lavender, neroli, ylang ylang and spices such as sandalwood and frankincense transport you to an English Garden and Exotic destinations all from the warmth of your home. The purest and most beautiful products using 100% therapeutic grade essential oils. 

The curated gift boxes  are a perfect treat for yogis  and non yogis . Designed to soothe a tired mind and body with therapeutic  yoga and relaxation techniques accessible from the comfort of your own  home.   whilst other gifts are luxury treats and moments of wellbeing. All are sourced from small UK businesses and I  only endorse what I love  and use myself.










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