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The Yoga Hygge Collection is a luxury cosy box  which I have compiled to treat both body and mind. It combines the beautiful  Hygge products with an online extra... access to 4 mini wellness sessions which you can tune into time and time again. Just bring your own home space to the story.


Contents of the box include the wamest, softest , purest alpaca lounge socks sitting snugly alongside tranquil;  the ultimate relaxing and calming inducing therapy candle , with 12 essential oils tranquil instantly soothes the senses  and relaxes a tired mind. A  hygge story  card  completes your gift all wrapped up in a beautiful gift box. 


All products have been sourced from small businesses in the UK and Scotland.

Yoga Hygge Collection

  • The  socks are made from 90% alpaca wool and so to ensure the socks remain a favourite for years they wil need a little love and care from you. Wash only on  a low temp/wool cycle or by hand. Do not tumble dry.

    Caring for tranquil

    Burn for 2 hours minimum first burn to prevent tunnelling. Always trim wick to around 0.5cms each burn. Will provide 18 hours of pure aromatherapy benefits.

  • The Yoga Hygge Channel consists of:

    *Yoga for Better Sleep  -  helping you to introduce an evening routine and ritual combining breathwork, meditation and self massage. 

    *Unwind from your Week -  a sequence to help you recharge and refuel lifting energy and mind for the weekend ahead, Quick flow movement and breath work to bring a gentle energy and lift to body and mind.

    *Sunday Restore  - Set yourself up for the week . Movement and breath work to  feel, breathe and bring space  for you .Your time to nourish body and ready mind.

    *Letting Go  - Restorative Yoga to unwind, relax and restore. A receptive therapeutic practice for body and mind. guiding you through supported poses to bring a relaxed and calm state to the mind and to release tension and holding from the body.

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