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Stress Awareness. What is Taking you Away from Rest

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Stress Awareness. What is Taking you away from Rest

What is taking you away from Rest

Why is Rest so Difficult

As November is a month that looks at the issue of Stress #nationalstressawarness it seemed appropriate to look at some approaches on how to tackle this rising issue. Now this article might not be what you expect as it looks at Rest from a slightly different angle. I do encourage you to read on because we have found in our household that this small change has had a huge impact.

In a world driven by results and always being plugged into life or feeling that we should be plugged in otherwise we miss out , it is no wonder we resist rest. It is no wonder we are stressed.

When we are not working, it is likely that we are thinking about planning our diaries, catching up , filling our time with lots of activities, evenings out etc.. It is no wonder we resist rest or perhaps in some instances fear rest. But this constant drive and doing is exhausting and can bring about chronic illness and stress. Even though we fear rest we need to .

If you feel that totally stopping is too much, one step too far at this moment, what alternatives are there. Well there are many and I will share these with you over the month. of stress awareness. So something to gently think on and come back to. In a Yoga Class (unless it is a Restorative Class) we are still doing, so why do we feel rested and re -energised after?

As a yogi and teacher of self care for mind and body I have found that in class there is one significant difference to the rest of the day. What is it I hear you cry - well phones are absent.

Why is this one absence so important .This one difference brings to you a refocus, a gentle distraction, encourages you to be more present, encourages a rest. Students are present on the mat, no doom scrolling, no taking photos, Rest in this instance is not about ' not doing anything' but they leave feeling renewed, refreshed, calm and energised. Rested. Yes , Rested.

So how does this help you.. Can we apply this, taking yoga off the mat into other parts of your day. I have a few thoughts.

A simple change in habit could start the process and it is a change that I am actively practicing. Even though I dislike devices, my devices were still taking over too much of my day and when I sat down far too much time in the evening. If I am a generation that was not born with a phone strapped to my body, what must it be like for the generations of today. As more and more young people are using the word stressed perhaps we all need to change one habit.

If we change we can help our mind to rest and not only are you helping your mind to rest but you are connected and present to those moments which are far far more precious than what is going on around you.

How often do you see this, or be honest is this you?.

Catching up with friends but most of the evening the phones are out, quick text, quick whatsapp , just need to check Insta, Lets take a load of selfies. Or eating out with loved ones , little conversation and doom scrolling on phones. In each example, phones distracting us, tiring us, disconnecting us from those special moments. Bringing in more noise, tension, more stress into your life.

To feel more Rested change one habit Try it

Change one habit

Swap the phone for meaningful moments.

You sit down to eat, with family/ friends/ on your own - put the phone down and savour that plate.

This is Rest.

Enjoy time with those people, catch up and talk, or if you are on your own, pop some light music on. This is Rest - this one change rests your eyes, refreshes you, restores your energy. Helps you to move gently away from the noise of the day and enjoy that moment.

You go out with friends

Keep the phone in the bag, prioritise the people with you rather than the phone.

Encourage all those with you to do the same, why do we chain ourselves to the phone.

Choose no distractions. Choose Rest.

You sit down after a long day

Close the computer, switch off the phone or put it in another room. Perhaps you have a cut off time. Create some self care boundaries. Feel the stress of the day moving away.

If there is a programme on tv/ film you want to watch, watch it and enjoy. Be totally present for that duration and feel the difference.

If you want to curl up and read a book, enjoy every page,

if you listen to music - really listen to that music.

All of the above - This is Rest

If you value self care, all of these precious moments, embrace the Joy Of Missing Out

Let me know how you get on.

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