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Welcome to the Yoga Garden Sanctuary Blog

So with more of us working from home we are in even more danger of not moving, not pausing, not listening, not connecting and working even longer hours than before. It is so tempting to work in our bubble and forget about the outside. I know.. Before we go any further..

I invite you to close your eyes, feel your breath and just focus on you, your body and your breath.

Welcome back , now stop, listen and sense what do you need? a stretch, a drink ( pop the kettle on/ top up your water) a breath of fresh air, a walk,..Come back when you are ready.

Just before you do go

my little blog is a creative outlet for me and I hope it will become for you a place to drop on tips for keeping mind and body strong staying with (hopefully) some inspiring thoughts and recommendations.. we will see how it goes. Just short posts for you to stop, consider and think on. I hope you enjoy. Now go do something for you. I am off for a walk to release the tension and stiffness I can feel in my body.

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