Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Do you feel like you are teetering on that edge...

If we keep doing, keep pushing, keep on going without stopping, pausing and resting this process can lead to exhaustion which manifests in many ways and can impact not just you but all those around you.

A few years back I experienced undue stress and anxiety and this situation continued for around 2 years. I was teetering. I fought hard. No letting go, no relenting. The instinct for survival, for enduring, to come out stronger kept me going until well the situation ended but the impact lasted. A lack of balance, stopping and pausing brought 6 months of acute tiredness, every bit of me felt exhausted. I had never experienced so much tiredness in body and feeling on life. To keep it short my yoga teacher, my meditation and the accumulative practice of deep relaxation ( yoga nidra) slowly changed this. To this day I continue to rebuild myself. I speak from my heart yes , but the facts are clear.

Prevent something like this from happening to you, take care of you, listen to your body and bring that balance in . When you feel yourself teetering that is the warning, bring your focus back to balance, balance in your life , time for you to retreat, to stop , to pause, to slow down. Find something that requires no effort , no strain. Focus on bringing balance back , to your physical body, the mind and your spirit. Pause. Stop.

If you are stuck I can help you find that balance. It is an experience that requires probably the least effort you have ever given to a task. An hour where I will take you into the well of stillness that lies within. you. An hour of guided deep relaxation ( yoga nidra) can bring so much. Think, repair, renew, restore, recharge. A practice that will helps cells to regenerate, promotes healing inside and out , slows down premature ageing, decreases your anxiety, reduces your low moods, helps you sleep and balances both the nervous and endocrine system. Now Isn't that amazing!

If this sounds like your pause, your tonic join me for a Sunday Hour Calm at the end of every month. January's session is on the 31st January 7-8pm.

Pop the date in your diary and book your place here

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