Renew, Reset and Detox -Morning Retreat

Mini Morning Retreat to reset you for the year ahead

  • Place Eight Wellness, Swanbourne

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Booking Please email with your note of interest and the amount of spaces you would like to reserve and I will send you the live link for booking via the Place Eight website. The ticket price is £60.00 Spring is the perfect time to reset your mind and body for new year goals and aspirations and healthier living. In nature the soil is beginning to warm ,the bulbs are beginning to appear. Nature is renewing. In Partnership with Place Eight Wellness our mini retreat is the perfect position for moving forwards, with a spring reset and a kick start for your body and mind. Find our programme for the morning below. The morning will begin with breathing practices ( pranayama) providing a pause for body and mind as well as introducing the benefits which come from regular breathing exercises. The session will introduce you to breathing practices that focus on increasing energy; practical practices which can help when you have a late morning or afternoon slump. Following this, a Qigong practice - forms and flow focussing on rebirth and renew and the liver and gallbladder meridians . In Chinese medicine the liver and gall bladder are organs that help to foster clear vision and a realisation of goals/ purpose and focus. After a short break, Louise Lambert-Day, Naturopathic Nutritionist offers a workshop on the principles for detoxing the body and mind through foods and lifestyle practises and how we can use a detox as a reset for us to move forward with a wonderful blueprint for optimum health and increased vitality and energy. Learn some simple ways to reduce toxic load on your body and how small changes can reap large rewards for both mental and physical energy. Lastly, a Yang Yin Yoga session to open and balance the flow of active and passive energy for the new season. The Yang is repetitive and flowing, building up internal energy with a focus on power, strength and stamina for mind, body and spirit. The Yin poses work deeper into the connective structure of the body and the joints, longer held poses with a focus on the tissues around the hips, side body and inner thighs to stimulate the flow of energy along the pathways of the liver and gallbladder meridians. We close our morning with the opportunity to ask any questions on what we have been practicing and time to pause, linger and connect with others with a final cuppa before heading home.

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