Sleep is critical to health and wellness and creating/introducing a nightly sleep ritual and process is the key for that quality sleep. I have created a tried, tested and loved pre-sleep ritual in the Quality  Sleep box.


The Quality Sleep box brings together three elements and it is this combination that will will have  you zzz before your head has nestled into the pillow.

The combination of  soothing bath salts with the  relaxing, calming candle  of Tranquil( aromatherapy candle) followed by  a guided meditation and body scan (yoga nidra relaxation) is your missing  pre-sleep ritual.

The Quality  Sleep box is a perfect wellness gift for yourself and for others. 


Contents of the box.

 Moonlight Botanic Salts . Luxurious mineral rich botanic bath salts, a combination of epsom salts, pink himalayan salts and dead sea salts with the lavender and geranium essences are the perfect blend to relax a tired body, soothe aching muscles and encourage the first pre-sleep ritual towards that deep quality sleep. ( organic product)

Tranquil a seductive and soothing candle whose wonderful blend of lavender, neroli and sandalwood will send you further towards sleep.  Perfect blend for pre-sleep preparations.( highest quality grade essential oils and botanical waxes)

The final part .A blissful and relaxing  guided yoga nidra and body scan meditation that will have  every part of your body relaxed and  sinking deeper into slumber, you will be  drifting off before the meditation has closed,  Pull the duvet cover over  plump the pillow and tune into the quality sleep guided relaxation. ( link is sent directly to your email)

The combination of the soothing bath salts with the ultimate relaxing, calming and seductive blend from Tranquil and the process of a guided meditation and body scan yoga nidra) is your perfect pre-sleep ritual.


Your quality sleep ritual comes wrapped in a gift box with a lavender sprig and gift card that takes you through your new sleep ritual.

Quality Sleep Box

  • If you are within a 8 mile radius of Padbury delivery is free